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Thank you for your interest in inviting Alisha to speak. This is an opportunity for you to spice up your event with a trained intimacy coach. Presentations can be tailored to your style and topic.

Couples Workshops and Retreats

  • Intimacy Education Weekend Retreats
    • Retreats for couples that promote and strengthen intimate connection and communication
  • Workshops 
    • Connection
    • Becoming Safely Embodied
    • Intimacy and Me

Experiences with Art

  • Art Events
    • Events focused on specific needs that include the use of artistic approaches to healing trauma, knowing yourself, and connecting to others

Collaboration Events

Check back for exciting events in which Alisha will utilize her skills to collaborate with other professionals from the community!

Me and My Sexuality

Join Alisha for an introspective experience to explore your relationship with your sexual self 
1. Explore our own inner dialogue 
2. Learn about individual sexual exploration 
3. Empower through movement and reflection

Consent, Communication, Connection

Join Alisha for an experiential workshop for couples to increase communication and positive connection. 
1. Learn about communication styles and how to overcome challenges 
2. Increase understanding about boundaries 
3. Empower couples to create more opportunities for intimacy